Crouse Charged for Allegedly Hitting Girlfriend

Cody Allen Crouse is free under a $500 personal recognizance bond after being charged with domestic battery for allegedly beating his live-in girlfriend.

Wheeling police arrested Crouse, 22, of 170 Bethany Pike, after responding to a domestic call Thursday at the home shared by Crouse and the alleged victim. According to a police report, officers found Crouse without a shirt and with visible scratch marks on his chest and neck upon their arrival.

“He began to cry, stating that he was arguing with his girlfriend because she thought he took her phone,” the report stated.

He allegedly punched her in the face after she continued pushing him in the chest. According to the report, Crouse said his girlfriend had left the house and police noticed a large pool of blood on the floor inside one of the bedrooms. He reportedly he held out his hands so officers could handcuff him.

The victim then reportedly came from the side of the house where she was hiding in bushes.

“She was covered in blood from head to toe pleading for me not to arrest Crouse,” the report stated. “The victim said it was an accident and she was anemic. She said during the argument she pushed Crouse and he responded by ‘punching her a little bit like a love tap’ and she fell hitting her nose on the dresser.”

The alleged victim reportedly told responders that Crouse punched in the face until she saw white flashes. She had swelling to her nose, a bump on her forehead and a large blue bump behind her right ear, according to the report.

Members of the Wheeling Fire Department transported the woman to a hospital for treatment.