Former Superintendent to Consult on Lawsuit

Former Marshall County Schools Superintendent Fred Renzella will act as a special consultant for the lawsuit between the Marshall County Board of Education and companies involved in the construction of Cameron High School.

The board voted to use Renzella as a consultant on legal matters by a 4-1 vote with board members Roger Lewicki, Beth Phillips, Thomas Gilbert and Lori Kestner voting for the motion and John Miller opposing at a special meeting Tuesday in the board offices.

The board and Gito Inc., as well as Scalise Industries Corp., Nello Construction, and its subcontractor, Cost Co., are set to meet in mediation Thursday in Morgantown.

According to Superintendent Michael Hince, Renzella would be hired through a talent pool from RESA 6 and will be paid the daily rate he was being paid when he retired. He said Renzella would only work one day for the mediation meeting in Morgantown.

“The board themselves, during construction, are not involved in the day-to-day things,” Hince said. “The superintendent is and the assistant superintendent is. I was not intimately involved, so the idea was having someone with the knowledge of the things that happened and someone who was in the middle of all that during consultation. He will give information that will help in the decision.”

Hince said Renzella will have no power to make decisions during mediation and will simply be there to give information on money spent on the project and other construction matters.

Miller explained his vote against the hiring, stating the board’s lawyers are qualified enough to determine any errors made during the construction of the school.

“I think we have a good legal team and scheduler to sort through the documents and figure out any additional monies we might owe,” Miller said.

Additionally, attorneys from all parties of the lawsuit will tour Cameron High School today before meeting in Morgantown later this week.

If mediation does not work, Hince said, the parties will go to court Nov. 10.