Golf Scramble to Help Easter Seals Purchase Therapy Tools

During its first two golf scrambles, the Third Alarm Bar on Wheeling Island raised $14,000 that is helping Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center create an activities of daily living training room for children.

Now during the third golf scramble – set for 8 a.m. Saturday at River Links Golf Course, Rayland – bar owner Tom Vapner, his son Nate Vapner and Wheeling resident Tom Dorsch aim to raise more money for Easter Seals. Funds collected this year will be used to purchase therapy tools such as feeding and positioning chairs, balancing equipment, postural wedges and seating devices.

Following the golf scramble, a steak fry is slated for 2 p.m. Saturday at the Wheeling Island Marina that also will benefit Easter Seals.

Dorsch would like additional people and businesses to get involved this year to raise even more money for Easter Seals. He hopes someone is willing to match what is raised at the scramble.

“We’ve known a lot of people who have used Easter Seals,” Dorsch said. “When you go there and watch the women do therapy on a child it’s amazing and how the children react to them. We can’t thank them enough. It’s a very special job and it takes a very special person to help the children like that. … We’re happy to support them and want to continue to support them for years to come.”

Easter Seals spokeswoman Jess Puglisi-Sanders said Third Alarm’s first scramble helped buy devices such as iPads for children to use communication applications. Work on the ADL room is being planned and will include areas where children with physical disabilities can learn to do tasks that most people don’t think twice about performing every day. For example, the children will learn to safely transfer themselves from a bathtub to the floor or to a wheelchair. This same room will have an area that mimics a kitchen.

“This will teach them small tasks to enhance their independence as they get older,” she said, adding the training skills are not new to the Easter Seals program, but the room will be.

“We’re very grateful for the support they’ve extended to us. It continues to make a difference,” Puglisi-Sanders added. “They approached us and asked if we had a wish list what would be on it. For us it’s a bonus to do this, to have the extra ability to enhance the children’s abilities.”

For more information about the scramble or steak fry, call Dorsch at 304-281-4214 or Tom Vapner at 304-215-5315 or 304-242-9665.