Main Street Barber Shop Hit by Burglars

Ray Huff turned away customers Friday while he cleaned up broken glass in and around his 620 Main St. barber shop.

Huff, owner of the Rayzor Barber Shop, was surprised to find the front window shattered and evidence that the place had been ransacked during an overnight burglary. A further inspection revealed the thief had taken a stereo and two speakers.

While the burglary is an annoyance to Huff, he managed to find some humor in the event.

“I only hope it wasn’t some sort of revenge over a bad haircut,” he said.

Wheeling police detective Sgt. Gregg McKenzie said the call came at 8:58 a.m.

He said Huff told them the thief may be one of two men who have been cleaning up shingles and debris outside of the building.

“He said both men had been in the shop several times and neither of them showed up for work the day after the robbery,” McKenzie said.