New Digital Sign Welcomes Visitors

A digital greeting will soon welcome and inform those passing the Benwood City Building.

An electronic sign – purchased from Aladin Signs of Wellsburg at a cost of $27,496 – has been installed just outside the entrance to the City Building, and city officials believe it adds not just to the beautification of the facility, but will also serve as a digital message board for the community.

The sign was expected to be hooked up to electricity by Davison Election by the end of Friday.

“It will display the time and the temperature – which a lot of people are interested in,” Police Chief Frank Longwell said.

“It also will serve as a public announcement for public events, and any other issues residents may need to be aware of.

“It’s run by a (computer) program, and we can change whatever we want to say on there.”

The sign can be read from both sides, and this is important, according to Longwell.

While Main Street in front of the city is a one-way road heading south, many people in the community walk past the building from the north, he said.

The sign measures 87-inches wide by 96-inches long, and is part of renovation efforts at the City Building.

The front of the building was covered in stucco last year, and city officials hope to complete its three other sides in the coming months.