Second Rabid Raccoon Found

A second rabid raccoon has been found in Ohio County after a person in the GC&P Road area noticed the animal acting strangely during daytime hours.

Howard Gamble, Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department administrator, said this is the second rabid raccoon to be discovered in the county in the past 11 days.

The first case involved a man’s dog fighting with a rabid raccoon in the Triadelphia area.

Since the man was exposed to fluids left on the dog, he had to receive post-exposure vaccinations. The dog is under quarantine.

In the GC&P Road case, Gamble said a sheriff’s deputy was called to the scene and a decision was made to destroy the raccoon.

“Traditionally we have two-to-three cases (per year). We’ve never had two this close – one right after another,” Gamble said. “These are in different parts of the county and are separated by a stream.”

Gamble said residents should avoid leaving food outside to possibly attract animals onto their property.

For example, some people like to leave food out to feed deer, but this also can attract potentially sick animals.

“This is one more reason why people need to make sure their pets are vaccinated,” he said.

Rabies is a virus that affects the nervous system and if left untreated is fatal.

“If you have an encounter, call the police department, call the sheriff, call (Dog Warden Doug McCroskey), and they will take a look at the issue,” Gamble said.