Work Continues On 29th Street Drain Issue

A West Virginia Division of Highways District 6 crew worked to unclog and repair a 6-inch storm drain located along 29th Street and beneath the Interstate 470 overpass in Wheeling on Tuesday, which is believed to be the source of a bright orange-colored liquid that has been gurgling out onto the sidewalk and street in that area.

Bridge crew supervisor Mike Brant said crews are working to repair a 6-inch storm drain located below the sidewalk and the “breast wall” of the I-470 overpass bridge that has been the source of the discolored water.

He said it may take a day or so to drain all the water that is causing back pressure on the drain, before they can actually make any repairs on the drain.

“Eventually it will slow down. It’s got so much backed up in the hillside, it may take a day or two before it goes down,” Brant said.

He said they eventually plan to connect the 6-inch drainage line into a nearby 8-inch line to help alleviate the problem.

Acting DOH District 6 Manager Tom Badgett said officials first noticed the issue a few weeks ago. Although the water is copper-colored, Badgett said they have no evidence its acid mine drainage, adding it could be the result of a culvert backing up.

He said crews had to clean out that drain in the past and they planned to send his office’s environmental specialist to check out the situation. He said the DOH is working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.