Zoning Board Approves Trio of Variances

Three was the recurring number at the Thursday Wheeling Board of Zoning Appeals meeting in City Council Chambers.

Three variance requests were reviewed and approved. For one of those requests, three people spoke in opposition to the applicant.

After Eric Reineke expanded upon his request to reduce the total side yard setback from eight feet to three at 133 N. 23rd St. in Warwood, a number of area residents took to the podium in opposition.

Reineke plans to build a single-family home on the irregularly shaped property, one side of which borders the Wheeling Heritage Trail.

One of the neighborhood’s residents said the new house would appear out of place stylistically among existing homes.

He also presented a petition signed by other neighbors who wished to deny the variance.

After another neighbor spoke, Tom Connelly, assistant director of the Wheeling Economic and Community Development Department, reminded the board and those present that the issue being reviewed involves Reineke’s request for a reduced total setback.

“This is not feasible,” Warwood resident Charles Hood said.

Hood expressed safety concerns and added that he once tried to purchase the land simply to make sure no one would build on it.

While Reineke admitted he did not realize the request would cause such a stir, he responded to opposition.

Board members eventually approved the variance.

Also during the meeting, architect Wendy Scatterday represented Patrick and Nini Zadrozny in their request to reduce the front yard setback of a corner lot at the Woodsdale property of 28 Stratford Road to build an addition.

The board approved Scatterday’s request, as well as that of Americo Inc.’s Frank Calabrese to reduce required off-street parking from four spaces to zero for a salon at 2153 Market St.