BOE Approves Change Order For JMHS Work

The Marshall County Board of Education approved nearly $12,000 in change orders for the John Marshall High School renovation project at Tuesday’s board meeting to address minor construction issues discovered this summer.

Ron Blatt from Project and Construction Services Inc. said the change orders would include limiting the number of rooms to be abated, addressing sizing issues while replacing the school’s windows, building new walls and replacing the flooring in the school’s bathrooms.

According to Blatt, a recent review of the flooring in the school determined many floors are already in good shape and do not need to have asbestos removed. He said the board originally had allotted $311,000 to abate the entire building, but now estimates the removal will now cost about $200,000. He added the West Virginia School Building Authority approved the review.

Blatt also reported crews recently discovered the school’s 172 windows and brick siding differ in size and placement, which will have to be corrected as new windows are installed.

Additionally, a demolition of the school’s bathrooms revealed the wall’s original framing will not support the school’s new walls. The change order includes building a new metal frame and replacing the bathroom’s terrazzo flooring, which Blatt said was too damaged to be renovated.

Assistant Superintendent Corey Murphy said the orders will amount to an additional $12,000 being spent on the renovation.

“There were a couple of things that came up that we weren’t aware of, but we expected things like this to happen,” Murphy said. “By the end of the project, we hope to be right on target.”

Murphy said this summer’s work will include abatement, renovating the bathrooms, replacing ceiling tiles and working on the main entrance of the school. The second phase of the project will include remodeling the school’s kitchen and cafeteria.

The board also recognized board president Roger Lewicki with a plaque for 16 years of service on the Marshall County Board of Education during the meeting. Lewicki will soon be replaced by Duane Miller, who will join the board in July.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years,” Lewicki said. “I’m sad to be leaving, but as my wife says, ‘God has another plan.'”