Council Considers Safety Concerns

CAMERON – Improving the safety of Cameron Recreation Park and its baseball fields was a topic of concern at Monday’s Cameron City Council meeting.

Council members voted unanimously to purchase a cellphone signal booster for the area after several council members cited a recent emergency at the park in which people were unable to get a cellphone signal to call emergency services.

According to Mayor Julie Beresford, since the baseball fields sit in a valley, the cellphone signal is weak for some cellphone providers.

She said the booster will help with reception and will cost the city less than putting a phone line in the area. Councilman Tom Hart estimated the booster will cost the city about $200.

Council will still consider installing an emergency phone system in the park in case someone is without a cellphone, Beresford added.

In addition to improving communications, the city also plans to fill holes in the field’s parking lot with dirt and cover the lot in gravel to eliminate stagnant water collecting in the holes.

Councilman Ron Walker said limited parking and a narrow driveway can cause congestion in the parking lot, which can hinder an ambulance from reaching the field during an emergency.

“If we were 20 minutes earlier in that (recent) situation, we would have been in a world of hurt getting an ambulance out there,” Walker said.

Beresford said the city will continue to discuss implementing more regulations regarding the field and expanding parking options.

She said improving the park is one of council’s many efforts to clean-up the city.

“We’re trying to bring back the pride,” Beresford said. “As the city continues to develop, we want to bring things into one accord for the betterment of the community.”