Highlands Property Transfers Approved

Ohio County Development Authority members Tuesday approved the transfer of property and the site plan for a potential new tenant at The Highlands, but the motion passed did not name the business that could be locating there.

County administrator Greg Stewart said only the prospective tennant would be “a substantial addition” to the Town Center area of The Highlands, and he would not hint at what type of business it was.

He said the business is unique, and to identify its operation would also identify the business.

The secrecy is necessary as the deal has yet to be completed, according to Stewart.

He expects the deal to be signed by the time the Development Authority next meets in late July.

“By then, all the documents should be finalized,” he said.

Stewart said a second project – one to be located next to the Fusion Steakhouse restaurant – also could be announced at that time.

The Ohio County Commission met following the Development Authority meeting, and approved hotel-motel tax allocations.

Commissioners passed motions to direct $3,000 to the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta; $2,000 to the Ohio County 4-H camping program; and $2,000 to the Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival.

The next meeting of the Ohio County Commission is set for 6 p.m. July 22.