Hopkins Is Re-Elected as Mayor of Paden City

Paden City Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins was re-elected Thursday during the city’s municipal election.

Hopkins received 231 votes, while challenger Bill Fox received 181 votes. Cindy Slider received 8 votes.

Hopkins served two terms as Paden City mayor from 2004 to 2008. He was elected again in 2012 to a two-year term. In seeking re-election, Hopkins cited the fight against crime as the biggest challenge the city and its leaders face in the coming years.

Citing drug-related crime specifically, Hopkins said he and other city officials are taking a stand against such activity in the community.

“The town has shown its merit, and I believe it will continue to do so, whether through law enforcement arresting perpetrators or citizens speaking out on problems,” he has said.

Additionally, Hopkins cited the completion of an ongoing sewer upgrade project in the city as a goal for the future.

In the race for the 3rd Ward council seat, Robert Postlethwait earned the position after receiving 73 votes. Challengers Eileen Smittle and Jeff Stewart received 52 and 34 votes, respectively.

Postlethwait said Paden City’s biggest challenge is keeping businesses in the city.

“A slow economy is devastating the landscape of our community,” he said.

“As an elected official, I would try to get involved with out of town entities and business owners and do whatever necessary to promote Paden City as a community with a storied past and the potential for a solid future,” Postlethwait continued.

Joel Davis III, running unopposed for the 2nd Ward council seat, received 101 votes.