AOI Reaches Over $1 Million in Volunteer Labor Hours

The hard work and dedication of thousands of volunteers has recently resulted in Appalachian Outreach Inc. in Moundsville reaching over $1 million in volunteer labor.

Appalachian Outreach, based in Moundsville, has had over 4,000 people volunteer over 56,000 hours since the organization’s beginning in 2001, according to Executive Director Rose Hart.

She said the amount is based on an IRS calculation of how much volunteer hours are worth.

“We’re going strong,” Hart said.

Hart said both groups and individual volunteers have dedicated their time to serve residents in some of the most rural parts of West Virginia who have been affected by natural disasters, but are cut off from supplies because of their rural location.

Additionally, AOI recently raised enough funds to purchase a new box truck that will transport items such as water, clothes, personal products, furniture and building materials to poverty- and disaster-stricken areas of the state.

The $100,000 truck was purchased with private donations and funds from a number of county and state representatives.

“Our old truck had 283,000 miles on it,” Hart said.

“This one is a wider and will be more safe going up and down mountains and will have more longevity with maintenance. It’s a dream come true.”

Hart said AOI is always looking for more volunteers including drivers and people to sort and pack items.

Individuals or groups interested in volunteering can call Hart at 304-845-2762.