City Gets Its First New Fire Truck in 20 Years

For the first time since 1994, Moundsville firefighters have a new fire truck to help them protect the city.

After City Council voted last month to enter a $300,000 lease purchase agreement for the new vehicle, the fire engine is ready for service. Fire Chief Noel Clarke appreciates his new truck.

“You never know how long it is going to be before you get a new one,” he said. “This is something that we appreciate and will take good care of.”

Clark said the new truck can carry 1,000 gallons of water to the scene of a fire, double the 500-gallon capacity of the former main fire engine, which he said will now serve the department in a reserve role.

“Being a small department, we wanted to be able to take as much equipment with us as possible on our calls,” Clarke said. “This gives us more room to do what we need to do.”

Clarke thanked City Manager Deanna Hess and Mayor Eugene Saunders for supporting the department.

“This is a blessing,” Saunders said of the new engine. “This thing is well worth it. Anytime we can get something to help protect the city, I am all for it.”

Clarke said the department already used the new truck on a few calls since its arrival.

“It’s just really nice to have new equipment like this,” he added.