Council Approves Raises for Remaining Members

Cameron City Council voted unanimously to raise the salaries of council members Tom Hart, Ron Walker and Wayne Simmons to $1,200 a year to match the salaries of the other council members.

According to Mayor Julie Beresford, the salaries of the three remaining council members Helen McMasters, Jack Hart Sr. and Mary Leichter, were raised from $100 a year to $1,200 a year earlier this year. Additionally, Beresford’s salary was increased from $500 a year to $6,000 a year beginning this month.

Tom Hart, Walker and Simms did not vote on their own pay raise. Beresford said the pay raises will begin next month.

Council originally proposed raising the mayor’s pay from $500 to $12,000 and council members pay from $100 to $2,400 in December. However, Beresford said the city decided to cut the salaries in half after comparing the salaries with similar government bodies in the state and county.

The decision to lower the proposed raises was made after several resident and council members voiced concerns that a city of Cameron’s size could not support a large salary increase.

In other business, council members unanimously voted to lease space in the former Cameron High School to the Blue and Gold Christian Center’s thrift shop for $50 a month. The city approved the motion after representatives from the center announced they will be moving the thrift shop from its location at Hometown Hardware because the shop is being sold.

The thrift shop will occupy the former home economics department in the former high school.

Council also discussed plans to address water runoff at Gable Avenue and Wiley Street, which Beresford said is causing the road to deteriorate and an ice hazard in the winter.

According to Beresford, Q&M Construction will volunteer time to clean out catch basins and culverts along the road to help catch the water before the beginning of school, since buses have to travel those roads.