Hospital Has Special Surgical Table

Wheeling Hospital has a new special table for spinal surgeries: The Jackson Table.

For past 18 months, Wheeling Hospital has used the Jackson Table, a special surgical table that enables the surgical team to move or roll patients over, in mid-surgery, without having to touch them.

Once a patient is positioned on the table, they are fastened securely with a series of padded brackets and straps.

The table can be rotated and the tabletop removed, leaving patients in a facedown position required for back surgeries.

Neurosurgeons find the table enhances their ability to access the patient during critical points of the surgery.

With the surgeon’s view unobstructed, he or she can perform the surgery more effectively, according to the hospital.

“Using the Jackson Table, we can now perform complex spinal surgeries previously not done at Wheeling Hospital, such as spinal fusion,” said Dr. David Cohen with West Virginia University’s Department of Neurosurgery.

A partnership between WVU and area hospitals ensures a neurosurgeon is always available for local residents. The Wheeling Hospital office for WVU’s neurosurgeons is located in Tower 4.

Cohen said the table not only improves patient safety, but staff safety as well.

It eliminates the physical strain operating room technicians may experience rolling patients over on a conventional surgical table.

The WVU neurosurgeons at Wheeling Hospital perform a full range of spinal and cranial surgeries and also provide nonsurgical treatments.