Jury Delivers Verdict in Eleven Minutes

It took an Ohio County jury 11 minutes on Thursday to find Heyward Bazar guilty of a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from a Nov. 22 altercation he had with his girlfriend after they watched Wheeling’s Christmas parade.

Bazar faces up to one year in jail for the conviction rather a possible two-to-10 years that could have accompanied a conviction on the original felony indictment of malicious assault or one-to-five years for a lesser felony assault charge.

With the absence of the victim in the court, Assistant Ohio County Prosecutor Gail Kahle drew testimony from two of Bazar’s neighbors at 716 Main St.; an Ohio Valley Medical Center Emergency Room nurse who treated the victim; and from police officers who responded to the scene.

He said it is not uncommon for victims in domestic assault cases not to attend the trial.

Kahle presented evidence that Bazar meant to hurt his then-girlfriend by punching her and causing facial and head wounds.

The neighbors said they opened the door to the room shared by Bazar after hearing a commotion and saw Bazar holding her by the hair in a manner suggesting he intended to hurt her.

Defense attorney Richard Hollandsworth argued the two were engaged in an argument that escalated to a physical confrontation leading to the victim striking her head on the door frame of their neighbor’s house.

Police who responded to the call said they found blood outside of the couple’s room and found the victim to be bleeding from the head.

She told the officers that Bazar had beaten her.

Ohio County Circuit Judge James Mazzone set a sentencing date for 1:30 p.m. July 17.