Man Arrested for Selling Makeup Without a License

Wheeling police cited Darnell Willis on Tuesday for selling makeup without a license on Wheeling Island after a foot chase ended at the Burger King restaurant.

Detective Gregg McKenzie said police received a call at 7:27 p.m. concerning a man trying to sell makeup on the street and then allegedly attempting to lure two young girls into an alley and an abandoned house.

He said residents approached Willis, 23, of Cleveland, in the parking lot of Abbey’s Restaurant and Lounge and questioned him for trying to abduct the girls.

According to McKenzie, Willis fled on foot and ran along Zane Street before going in the Burger King, where police found him.

“Some people approached him about his interaction with the juveniles,” McKenzie said. “Witnesses said at some point, he wanted the girls to follow him into an alley and an abandoned house.”

McKenzie said the concerned individuals chased Willis as he tried to flee the area.

According to McKenzie, police issued a citation for selling in the city without a license. Any additional information concerning the alleged attempted abduction have been sent to Ohio County Prosecutor Scott Smith.