Police Find Child in Hot Car, Father Found Passed out on Sofa

Police found an 18-month-old girl sweating in a car on Wheeling Island on Thursday and then located her father passed out on a sofa in his home.

Cory Michael Rockhold, 33, of 21 S. Wabash St., is in jail under a $50,000 cash bond imposed by Ohio Magistrate Harry Ratcliffe. The child in the custody of Ohio County Child Protective Services.

A criminal complaint states that at 2:45 p.m. Thursday, police responded to a call at Rockhold’s address and, upon arrival, found the child asleep in a car seat inside a vehicle parked in front of the residence.

The child was completely soaked with sweat, the report states, and her hair and clothes were drenched with sweat.

According to the report, officers found Rockhold passed out on the couch.

The report states Rockhold was awakened and asked if he had a small child, and he replied he did not. Rockhold was asked if he knew where his child was he said, “she is running around somewhere.”

Police charged Rockhold with child neglect resulting in injury and child neglect creating risk of injury.

The report states police took him to Ohio Valley Medical Center because of his incoherent state, glassy eyes and being unsure about his birthday.

He also reportedly had marijuana, cocaine and other drugs in his system.