School Board To Review Homebound Student Policy

Changes to the county’s home bound policy for students on leave from school will be introduced at the Marshall County Board of Education’s meeting today.

Superintendent Michael Hince said he believes there may be some abuse of the county’s home bound policy and that there is little incentive for students to re-enter the regular school day. Hince said the board will discuss implementing a periodic re-evaluation of the student’s progress and medical treatment to ensure the student is working toward the goal of reentering school.

“We are trying to make our home bound experience appropriate for students and trying to ensure they that they are receiving an appropriate education,” Hince said. “We would like – in addition to the plan to provide education – we also want a plan to return to the school.”

The board will have the first reading of the updated policy at today’s meeting.

Additionally, the board will chose a contract to paint the John Marshall High School Monarch Stadium.

A contract for a new food service truck will also be chosen.

The board will meet at 7 p.m. today in the board offices at 214 Middle Grave Creek Road.