Stolen Motor Scooter Found For Sale Online

A stolen motor scooter was returned to its owner Thursday after the owner agreed to buy the item from an alleged thief who had posted it on a local online yard sale page.

Police arrested Jared Joseph Henry, 23, of 2514 Warwood Ave., for receiving stolen property. At 1:25 a.m. Thursday, Wheeling police went to a North 20th Street address to investigate the reported theft of the scooter. Upon arrival, they met with the victim who told them he is a member of a social media group called Ohio Valley Online Yard Sales, and the stolen scooter had been posted on the page as an item for sale.

The victim said he identified the scooter as his after seeing three pictures on the online page.

“As he clicked to enlarge the photographs, he saw that the red scooter had duct tape on the seat and on the right handle bar,” the report states. “(The victim) thought this was odd because he had duct tape in the same locations on his motor scooter. The seat of the scooter also appeared to be bent upwards, which (the victim) stated his scooter had a bolt missing from under the seat causing the seat to point upward.”

After seeing the scooter advertised online, the victim went to his back porch and discovered the scooter he recently bought for $165 was missing.

According to the report, the victim showed officers the Internet post and advised that someone had offered Henry $100 to buy the scooter. The victim then posted he would buy the scooter for the $135 asking price because he did not want it sold to another buyer.

With police observing, the victim sent a message to Henry and set up a meeting at the 24th Street Ball Field to complete the purchase. Soon afterwards, police arrested Henry after seeing him driving the scooter near the intersection of 24th Street and Warwood Avenue.

Henry is in the Northern Regional Jail at Moundsville under a $25,000 cash bond set by Ohio County Senior-Status Magistrate Howard Carpenter.