Victim Not Helping Police

A man believed to be pistol whipped early Monday did not appear to be interested in helping Wheeling police identify his attacker.

Police responded to a 1:22 a.m. call to the intersection of Lane 11 and Jacob Street for a report of loud screaming coming from behind a business in East Wheeling.

A police report states officers were checking the area on foot when they were approached by a man in a vehicle who told them another man had been pistol whipped and the suspect had fled the scene.

Wheeling police Det. Gregg McKenzie said officers found blood and some undisclosed articles of clothing in the alley.

He said during the investigation, dispatchers reported the victim was walking in an area of 14th and Market streets.

“They ultimately found him walking in front of the McClure Hotel on Market Street,” McKenzie said. “He was bleeding heavily from his head.”

McKenzie said the alleged victim was not forthcoming with investigators but police have a suspect in mind.

“The victim declined to say he was pistol whipped, and he was not cooperative with emergency personnel,” he said. “He did eventually agree to be transported to the hospital for treatment.”