Warwood Resident Wants Rundown Houses Razed

Warwood Avenue resident Katherine DeSilvestri is tired of looking at two dilapidated houses behind her home, but it appears the view from her back porch won’t be changing anytime soon.

“There’s two of them in back. They were supposed come down a couple years ago,” said DeSilvestri, who lives at 202 Warwood Ave.

The properties she is referring to are located at 202 and 204 Highland Ave.

A lifelong resident of Warwood, DeSilvestri said she’s lived in her home for 48 years.

“I called (the city) last year and they said the would be torn down by September. … They look like they’re ready to fall. They look terrible. There’s no one cutting the grass,” she said.

“I try keep up my place nice, and I have look up there at those houses. Those houses should be torn down. If they fall over, they will come down into my yard. I don’t even sit in my yard – I’m afraid.”

DeSilvestri said the houses are currently unoccupied, but she still sees children entering them occasionally.

“I’m afraid they’re going to set it on fire,” she said, adding another property 168 Highland is in bad shape.

Frank Wilson, Wheeling building codes official, said he is working on getting the properties down, but it is not an easy task.

“We are currently working with the owner of 202 and 204 and trying to get these down. He is elderly and has memory problems. He also lives on a fixed income. We are probably going to have to bring him to Municipal Court in the near future,” Wilson said.

Wilson said 168 Highland Ave. is on the city federal Community Development Block Grant demolition list.

He believes the other two likely will be put on the same list, but the owner has to submit financial paperwork showing he is income eligible.

“My best guess is that we’ll be able to get another contract for demolition going in late spring,” Wilson added.