Woman Charged With Stabbing Sister

Lori Ann McElwain is accused of stabbing her sister with a pair of scissors during a fight over a dog.

Wheeling police charged McElwain, 39, of 3509 Wood St., with malicious assault Monday after responding to a 7:38 p.m. call at 3113 Jacob St. regarding two females involved in a physical fight involving a knife or scissors.

According to a police report, upon arriving at the Jacob Street residence, officers heard loud female voices coming from inside. Susan McElwain exited the building and told police that her sister, Lori, had stabbed her in the face.

The police report states Susan told officers her sister came over to her residence and was sitting outside with Susan’s boyfriend.

Lori McElwain began cutting the hair of Susan McElwain’s dog with a pair of scissors in random locations throughout the fur, according to the report. Susan McElwain asked her to stop, but Lori did not.

Susan McElwain said she returned to her home for 10 minutes and then went back out to try to grab her dog from her sister.

After getting the dog, Susan McElwain said she felt something hit her back and heard her sister say “I’m going to stab you in the face.”

According to the report, Susan McElwain turned around, and that’s when Lori McElwain stabbed her in the left side of the face with the pair of scissors.

Lori McElwain then grabbed Susan McElwain by her hair and began punching her in the face repeatedly with a closed fist.

When the confrontation ended, Lori McElwain left the area and returned to her home where police eventually arrested her.