Carenbauer Donation To Benefit Vets’ Kids

As both an Army widow and an Iraq War veteran, Wheeling resident Janette Layne said her late husband, Eric Layne, would be proud of her and their children, Shamus and Jubilee.

On Friday, Carenbauer Distributing donated $10,000 to help ensure that Shamus, 8, and Jubilee, 6, can continue attending St. Michael Parish School, via the Folds of Honor program.

“I would never have expected this. This is wonderful for my children,” Janette Layne said.

“The money will help me continue sending them to private school. I feel it is very important that, since their father cannot be with us, they get the best education possible,” she continued.

Since its 2007 inception, the Folds of Honor program has provided about 5,500 educational scholarships to children of veterans who have died or been left disabled while serving in the military.

“It’s an honor to provide Jubilee and Shamus Layne with the educational opportunities they deserve, while honoring the sacrifice their family has made,” Erin Carenbauer, vice president of the company.

“We look forward to watching Jubilee and Shamus progress as the realize their dreams and ambitions.”

In addition to Friday’s presentation, Carenbaur Distributing held an open house at the facility, which also featured the traveling Budweiser brewery tour.

The tour offers a look at the brewing process.