Contract Awarded For Safety Building

The Marshall County Commission will be able to write a check for Phase II of the Marshall County Public Safety Building project.

A bid in the amount of $7.037 million from Nello Construction of Canonsburg, Pa., was selected for the second of three phases at a special meeting of the commission last week.

Commission president Don Mason said the county will not have to finance the project, as they have enough money in the bank to cover the cost.

“We have been budgeting money for the project for several years, not knowing how much it was going to cost,” he said. “We have two funds, one being a special building and the other a stabilization, which have more than $9 million, along with $1 million which on July 22 was placed in a general county fund, the latter coming from carryover money.”

Three firms submitted bids for the renovation of the former Jozabeth Building across the street from the courthouse. Tom Potts, of Silling & Association, the firm contracted by the commissioners to assist with the project, reviewed the bids, and recommended the commissioners award the bid to Nello Construction, the low bidder. He said there will be two legal phases necessary before the commissioners can issue a notice to proceed, and that he is hopeful the notice will be issued the first week of September.

Included in the notice to proceed document will be the timetable for completion of less than a year.

In addition to the renovation of the 20,000-square-foot interior, other work in this phase will be a secured covered entryway addition to be used by the sheriff’s department.

Nello Construction was represented at the meeting by Jim Harlan, who will be the project manager.

“Our firm is very pleased to have been chosen for this project, and will be ready to begin work when we receive the notice to proceed,” he said.