DOH: Painting Contractor Doing Bridge Job Correctly

The company conducting the repainting of the W.Va. 2 connector bridge in Ohio County is doing everything to the state’s specifications, said Brent Walker, West Virginia Department of Highways spokesman.

Some local motorists recently discovered flyers on their vehicles that claimed the contractor on the job, KVK Contracting, was “blasting lead” from the bridge.

The unsigned note that features a skull and crossbones on it claims people may be in danger of being exposed to lead dust from the old paint being removed the bridge.

But Walker said the contractor is doing everything right, and the DOH knows because inspectors are on the site daily.

Walker said there likely is old lead paint on the bridge, which is why the contractor is using a containment system of tarps.

“They’re doing everything to our specs. We work well with that company. … They’re not doing anything that any other bidder on this project wouldn’t be doing.”

“If we felt like the contractor wasn’t performing based on our plans and specifications, we would be taking action. We have no problem with them and we have the best painting inspectors in country overseeing this.”

KVK Contracting of Tarpon Springs, Fla., was the low bidder at a cost of $4,339,920.

The planned completion date is Oct. 30.