Father Sentenced for Shaking 10-Month-Old

Chad A. Kendle will spend two-to-10 years in prison for shaking his 10-month-old child and causing serious bodily harm.

Kendle, 29, of Wheeling, appeared for sentencing Thursday before Circuit Judge James Mazzone.

In a prepared statement, Kendle told the court he loved his children and would do nothing to harm them.

He said he was tending to the child as his wife lay drunk. He said the child was not responding so he shook him go get him awake.

Assistant Crimes Against Children Prosecutor Jenna Perkins gave the court a passionate counter to Kendle’s claims.

“He loves his children?” she asked the judge.

“He is delinquent in his child support of them. He cannot hold a job longer than one year to take care of them. He spends all day playing video games.”

Perkins said Kendle shook the child hard enough to cause a subdural hematoma, resulting in bleeding of the child’s brain.

She also said the child had other health issues and was near starvation because he was not being fed through a feeding tube.

“It is insulting to the court for him to say he did nothing wrong,” Perkins said.

In addition to the jail time, Mazzone ordered that Kendle be on 10 years of supervised release when he gets out of prison, and that he also must register with the West Virginia State Police Child Abuse Registry for 20 years.

“The pre-sentence investigation report … indicates that you are at a high risk to offend again,” Judge Mazzone told Kendle.