Infant Is Discovered in Beer-Soaked Baby Stroller

A Wheeling woman faces child neglect charges after allegedly leaving her child in a beer-soaked stroller on 14th Street.

Wheeling police arrested Ruby Lynn Holley on Friday after they found her infant daughter lying in the stroller shortly before 3 a.m. parked against a fence and partially obstructing traffic. Holley, 33, of 1115 1/2 Lind St., Wheeling, is charged with child neglect creating serious risk of bodily harm or death. Magistrate Howard Carpenter set bond at $5,000.

A police report states an officer spotted the stroller resting against a fence as he was responding to a call at Holley’s residence concerning a domestic dispute.

According to the report, the officer was traveling east on Lind Street near 14th Street when he saw the stroller resting against a fence and positioned at the bottom of a small hill and curve. He stopped when he noticed the stroller contained an infant.

The report states the officer saw Holley walking briskly down the street, rubbing her elbow as if it were injured. She appeared unsteady as she approached the stroller that was partially obstructing traffic. She reportedly told police she was fine and that she lost her balance, fell and could not maintain control of the stroller, causing it to roll down the hill and into the fence.

Police called for emergency medical personnel to examine the child, but Holley said the child was fine and she began walking away from police.

She allegedly continued to walk away despite several demands by police to stop.

As the investigation continued, police learned Holley had made the original call about the domestic dispute because she had been involved in a fight with her brother’s girlfriend.

Holley was arrested after police determined her eyes were glassy, she smelled strongly of alcohol and became belligerent. She also allegedly failed field sobriety tests.

The report states the child was covered by a thin blanket, and the outdoor temperature was 59 degrees at the time. The child was taken to Ohio Valley Medical Center when police found her to be lethargic and not responding to verbal or painful stimuli. Upon further investigation, police reportedly found the stroller and the blanket to be wet and smelling like “somebody spilled a beer on it.” An emergency room doctor told police the infant was filthy and had a saturated diaper.

Ohio County Child Protective Services was called to intervene, and the child was admitted to the hospital.