Judge Spahn Preparing for New Job

Municipal Court Judge Dan Spahn stepped down from his judicial position Thursday morning after receiving hugs and a one-minute standing ovation from attorneys, police officers and residents ordered to appear in court.

“It was beautiful when Judge Spahn walked into the courtroom. Bailiff Mark Stacy told everyone to rise and he introduced Judge Spahn as he has countless times before. But this time everyone remained standing and applauding for at least one minute. Then all of the attorneys and police officers in the courtroom requested permission to approach the bench to say something to the judge. I told him I love him and will always be his friend,” said Joe Corabi, who has known Spahn for decades.

Spahn announced in June he would retire on July 31 to return to private law practice based at the Jefferson County Educational Service Center. He started his new job at the ESC offices Friday.

“The ESC approached me because their attorney is retiring. Initially I said no because I like my job. But after some more thought I was interested in the new shared services program. I felt I should at least find out what they were talking about. As we began to talk more, the idea grew on me. I decided it was a good time for this move,” Spahn said.

It has been an emotional last few days for Spahn who has served as municipal court judge since 2002, according to his wife Connie.

“This has been a job he truly loved. He really cares about the people and he felt a real sense of patience with this job. It has been tough for him since he decided to step away from this job. He has been very emotional about the decision. I came here today to show my support for what he has done as judge,” she said.