Law Enforcement Gets Steak, Appreciation

Law enforcement officers both retired and active joined their supporters for steak and gratitude during the annual law enforcement appreciation picnic Thursday night at Bethlehem Community Park.

The annual event is jointly sponsored by the Ohio County Fraternal Order of Police and the Ohio County FOP Association.

Ohio County Clerk of Courts Brenda Miller serves as president of the county association, an organization of non-law enforcement members of the public who value police efforts and seek to honor them. Miller joined FOPA about 20 years ago while an employee in the Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office.

“We’re here to support our police and show them how much we appreciate them,” she said. “It’s all for fun, and an opportunity for active and retired officers to get together.”

Wheeling Police officer Danny Holmes has been in law enforcement for the past 14 years, and he said being a police officer is something he grew up wanting to do. He serves as secretary of the Ohio County FOP.

“I’m glad we get outsiders to support us, ” he said. “And this picnic gives the younger officers a chance to meet the retired ones.”