Man Allegedly Pawns $10K Worth of Stolen Guns

David L. McCracken of Moundsville was arrested Wednesday for allegedly pawning over $10,000 worth of stolen firearms.

McCracken, 30, of 404 Brentwood Ave., was charged with grand larceny and false pretenses. According to court reports, McCracken allegedly stole the guns from his father’s gun safe and later sold them to local stores.

The criminal complaint filed against McCracken states his father reported to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department July 24 that he noticed several firearms missing from the gun safe in his bedroom.

McCracken’s father told police he confronted his son about the missing firearms and said his son admitted to taking and selling them at H&S Pawn Shop in Moundsville and The Outdoor Store in Wheeling. The estimated value of the stolen guns is $10,600.

Police later recovered all the stolen guns from the two stores and were able to obtain the pawn tickets for the transactions. During an interview with police, McCracken allegedly admitted to stealing the firearms from the gun safe and pawning them.

McCracken is being held at the Northern Regional Jail on $6,500 bond. He will have a preliminary hearing 11 a.m. Aug. 18 in Marshall County Magistrate Court.