Man Wearing Cast Cleared Of Malicious Assault Charge

Clifton Marcus Dent spent the night in jail after Wheeling police accused him of using a cast on his arm as a weapon during a confrontation with a woman -but he was released this morning by Ohio County Magistrate Patty Murphy.

Police charged Dent, 32, of 186 14th St., Wheeling, with malicious wounding. But Murphy dismissed the case because she found no probable cause that he intended to “maliciously and feloniously shoot, stab, cut or wound any person or by any means, cause bodily injury with the intent to maim, disfigure or kill.”

A police report states that at 12:38 a.m. this morning, Officer Brent Ruby was flagged down near the 7-Eleven store parking lot regarding an unknown problem. A woman told police Dent accused her of being a prostitute and struck her “in a club like motion.”

Detective Gregg McKenzie said the alleged victim was standing with a group of women when Dent confronted her and used the plastic cast on his right hand as a weapon.

He said she had visible facial injuries and complained of pain but refused medical treatment.

“She had a mark on the left side of her forehead that went across her nose and to her right cheek,” he said.

The criminal complaint states Dent had a hard plastic cast on his right arm that wraps around his thumb and continues to run across the top of his forearm.

According to the report, “the strike could have caused serious damage to the victim eye if it had made contact slightly lower on her face.”