Man With Axe Arrested

Wheeling police charged Hector Luis Santana with domestic assault Wednesday after he was accused of destroying items in his house with an axe.

At 11:16 p.m. Wednesday, police responded to a call at Santana’s 156 Edgewood St. home regarding a domestic dispute involving an axe.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responding to the scene were told that a man was chopping up a bedroom dresser. He then reportedly exited the residence and entered his automobile; and returned to the house where police found him standing in the front doorway when they arrived.

The complaint states that a woman identified as Santana’s wife and two children were in the front yard.

Further investigation revealed that Santana told police he and his wife were in a bedroom arguing about sexual relations he believes she had while he was in jail in 2012.

The report states that Santana admitted to becoming upset during the argument and began to chop up a dresser with an axe. He reportedly told police his actions were acceptable because he had bought the dresser and everything else in the house.

It shows that officers saw several dresser drawers and their contents were thrown down the steps and laying at the foot of the steps.

“I went upstairs and observed that an approximately 5-foot-long dresser was chopped into several smaller pieces and scattered throughout the corner of the bedroom where it was located,” the report stated. “Also in the bedroom, was a full size bed. Laying on the bed was an approximately 3-foot-long black Fiskars brand axe.”

Santana’s wife reported said she was in fear for the safety when her husband was swinging the axe.

Ohio County Magistrate Patty Murphy Thursday set Santana’s bond at $1,000 cash or bondsman.