Officials Hope Curfew Will Curb Vandalism in City

Citing recent reported vandalism in the city, Cameron City Council will consider reimplementing a 10 p.m. curfew for city residents under 18 years of age.

According to Councilman Tom Hart, the city recently has had an increase of unattended children roaming the streets at late hours. In addition to addressing recent vandalism in the area, he said the curfew would also be a matter of safety.

“With kids under 18 out and about with the increased truck traffic that occurs at all hours, it’s a safety concern,” Hart said.

The city had a curfew ordinance in the past, Hart said, but it was deactivated several years ago after residents complained the nightly siren was too noisy. He said council will consider reinstating the ordinance in order to give the Cameron Police Department the ability to address the problem.

“I think it needs to come back,” Councilman Ron Walker said.

In other business, council also discussed purchasing a generator for the Cameron Water Treatment Plant, citing a 2012 incident when the water plant was running on reserve during a power outage caused by a derecho storm.

According to Hart, the city already has a generator at the sewage plant and has been looking to add one at the water plant since the storm. He said he is working with the city’s department and Cameron Police Chief Michael Younger to obtain a cost estimate for purchasing and running a generator.

“It’s a pre-emptive measure in case some incident causes a longterm power outage,” Hart said.

Under visitors to council, Thomas Conely of the American Legion Post No. 18 said work is being done on a future memorial park at the Cameron Depot.

According to Conely, the legion is working to renovate the area next to the building, with plans to eventually add a cannon, flags, benches, stone monuments and possibly an honor roll to honor local veterans who have died.