Police Dog Dux Ends Career With K-9 Unit

Wheeling police dog Dux retired Friday after four years on the job.

Fellow officers and others attended a farewell party for Dux, who is retiring due to health issues. Chief Shawn Schwertfeger said Dux is losing his eyesight and has other life-threatening conditions.

Dux worked for nearly two years with Sgt. Ric Roxby, but was turned over to Officer Jason Martin when Roxby accepted a departmental promotion.

“He has been an real asset,” Schwertfeger said. “He is credited with multiple narcotics finds and apprehensions.”

He said the dog’s medical conditions have changed his retirement destiny.

“Normally, we return K-9s to Ultimate Working Dogs where they come from,” Schwertfeger said. “They are then assigned to a military veteran who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We cannot do that with Dux.”

Schwertfeger said the dog is being adopted by Dr. Karl E. Yurko at the K.E.Y. Animal Hospital on Warden Run Road.

“Dr. Yurko is equipped to handle animals with special needs,” he said. “Dux will be staying with him for the rest of the his life. That ensures he gets the best of care and will give officer Martin opportunities to visit him.”

At his farewell gathering, Dux was presented with a cake, as well as various treats.