Village Seeks Grant For Water Project

Bellaire Village Council on Thursday voted to seek a grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission for a supplemental water connection with Belmont County.

The grant would provide almost $200,000 toward the project, which would establish a connection with the county’s water system to be used in emergencies.

“It’s only an emergency connection,” said Village Administrator Dan Marling. “If the village cannot provide enough water, we’re able to tap into the county’s water to reinforce what we already have. The council passed this evening an ordinance for the mayor and myself to pursue the grant through OPWC to help pay for it. It would be a fully-funded project for the line. That’s a good thing for Bellaire.”

Marling said the village’s problem with its intake will most likely continue for quite some time and that allowing the village to connect to the county in emergency situations gives them an extra option to supply water to the village.