Hilltop Community Group Scheduled to Meet Tonight

City leaders and the Hilltop Community Development Corp. will meet at 7 p.m. today to discuss recent violence in the city and explore ideas on stemming future incidents.

Hilltop CDC President Laura Sirilla said the meeting will be held at the Trinity Medical Center East complex and is open to the public. Sirilla said she has been walking door to door in her LaBelle neighborhood encouraging residents to attend the meeting to have a conversation with the city on how we can resolve the violence.

“The people I have talked to have been happy to hear something is being done. But I have also talked to people who are afraid to come forward because they are afraid of retaliation or they aren’t sure anything will be done. I have asked them to come to the meeting to show support for our efforts and to listen. We need our residents to come to the meeting and to work with the city,” Sirilla said.

Sirilla said City Manager Tim Boland, Mayor Domenick Mucci, Police Chief Bill McCafferty, other administration officials and several City Council members have indicated they plan to attend the meeting.

Several hilltop residents attended last week’s City Council meeting to express their concerns and frustration with the shooting incident a week ago at the Piece of Pie Park. Council members told Boland to close the park immediately and to remove all of the recreational facilities as well as the guardrail that surrounds the park.

Councilman Greg Metcalf called for Boland and McCafferty to look at foot and bike patrols to be used in the LaBelle neighborhood, “in case of retaliatory shootings. We need to be proactive and do whatever is in our power to increase the police patrols. And we need to be proactive with foot patrols.”