West Virginia Business College Applauds 22 at Commencement

West Virginia Business College graduates were sent off with encouraging words from lawyer Daniel Frizzi at their commencement ceremony Wednesday night.

The graduating class was comprised of 22 students, 16 of whom were present at the commencement ceremony. Frizzi, of Bellaire, urged graduates to continue learning and gaining experience, as the technology of the immediate future may take them by surprise.

“When I attended Ohio University, there was no such thing as the Internet. Our computers filled an entire room. We set off as young students to grasp the world’s problems without the information you have at your hands today,” Fizzi said. “But, we had to learn to adapt if we were going to compete. We had to continue the learning process. Sometimes the world changes so fast it’s hard to keep up.”

In addition to the presentation of diplomas, several individuals were honored for their positive impact on the school and outstanding professionalism. Diploma student Holly Hart and degree student Lisa Spielvogel received the Student Ambassador award from director Ann Nelson.

Wednesday marked a first in the school’s 133-year history for two additional awards.

Diane Camastro-Saus became the first ever recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for her longstanding work with the school. General Manager James Weir praised Camastro for her dedication to the school.

“She’s our most distinguished faculty member, she taught the first class of our paralegal studies program 25 years ago, and continues today,” Weir said. “She just has a great, consistent presence with us, so after 25 years we felt it was time we felt that was the appropriate award for her service.”

Also for the first time, the Employee of the Year award was shared between employees Debra Patterson and Lori Nabb. Nelson lauded both faculty members for the respect they garnered from their students and peers.


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