Bellaire Homeowner Shoots at Intruders

Kenneth Hall is on the run from the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, and is likely suffering from two gunshot wounds that he sustained after he allegedly invaded a home in Bellaire.

Sheriff’s Deputy Chief James Zuzack today said Hall and an accomplice, whose name is unavailable, came to a home Tuesday night on Pipe Creek Road. Hall was allegedly armed with a gun, and his accomplice may have been, too, he said. “They knocked on a subject’s door, the subject opened the door, and they forced their way in, assaulting the homeowner,” Zuzack said. “We don’t know this for sure, but gunshots were fired on both ends (the alleged invaders and the homeowner) I believe.”

While the homeowner didn’t answer the door with a gun in hand, he did make it to his weapon: a handgun, Zuzack said.

The homeowner’s wife and child also were home at the time, and he suffered an injury to the head after being struck during the incident, Zuzack said. He was treated and released.

Hall is wanted on charges of aggravated robbery and child endangerment, and possibly more charges as the investigation continues to reveal more information, Zuzack said.

Hall’s accomplice also was wounded by a gunshot, and is being treated in a West Virginia Hospital, Zuzack said. “He had surgery yesterday, so we know where he is.”

A female who allegedly aided and abetted them, Kelsie Crooks, was the driver who drove them to the home, Zuzak said. She is  charged with aggravated robbery and child endangerment. Deputies investigated throughout the night, in the area of the crime in Bellaire, and the investigation continues, Zuzach said. “We don’t know the reasoning of (their committing the crime) just yet, but an investigation is pending.”


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