Ohio County Grand Jury Indicts 13 in Wheeling

Alleged sex crimes against children have resulted in grand jury indictments against two men in Ohio County this week, according to Prosecutor Scott Smith.

Christopher J. Roshak, 31, of Wheeling is charged with two counts of using obscene matter with intent to seduce a minor and one count of soliciting a minor via computer. Both are felony offenses.

Roshak is accused of trying to seduce and lure a 12-year-old boy online. From Dec. 6-11, the boy’s mother and Sgt. Scott Adams of the West Virginia State Police posed as the 12-year-old and arranged a meeting at the Elm Grove McDonald’s. Roshak was arrested when Adams showed up instead of the boy.

In a separate case, Eric Marshall Christensen, 46, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, is charged with first-degree sexual assault, nine counts of sexual abuse by a custodian and one count of first-degree sexual abuse. The charges involve alleged crimes against a minor girl and boy.

Multiple charges, including attempted murder, have been filed against Donald Daniels, 26, of Benwood, after he allegedly crashed his vehicle head-on into a Wheeling police cruiser during a chase on the Wheeling Suspension Bridge in November.

Daniels suffered a serious head injury in the crash while the officer was treated for minor injuries. The chase began when the Martins Ferry Police Department tried to stop Daniels’ vehicle.

While crossing the Suspension Bridge, Daniels allegedly swerved around a vehicle driving just ahead of him and collided with the cruiser. During the investigation, police searched Daniels’ vehicle and reportedly found $1,700 in cash, 9 ounces of marijuana and multiple cellphones.

Daniels is charged with attempted murder, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, third-offense DUI, reckless fleeing in a vehicle from law enforcement causing bodily injury and reckless fleeing from police while driving under the influence.

Additional indictments include:

∫ Timothy Vogel Gordon, 54, of Wheeling, malicious assault and attempted malicious assault.

∫ Brian Michael Gorczyca, 32, of Wheeling, breaking and entering.

∫ Tami Sue Simmons, 53, of Wheeling, eights counts of uttering.

∫ Christopher Darin Smittle, 33, of California, Pa., bringing stolen property into the state and possession of a stolen vehicle.

∫ Doyle Green Crooks, 54, of Barnesville, two counts of entering without breaking.

∫ Todd Michael Taylor, 40, of Wheeling, strangulation, domestic battery.

∫ Brent Michael Gorshe, 27, of Wheeling, malicious assault.

∫ Jason Leroy Falcone, 33, of Bellaire, four counts of entering without breaking and conspiracy.

∫ Tierney Sue Uchbar, 27, of Flushing, four counts of entering without breaking and conspiracy.

∫ Steven Morris Davis, 25, of Wheeling, strangulation, domestic battery and unlawful restraint.

Additional names of those indicted by the grand jury will be released upon their arrest.

Hearings for those indicted and assigned to Circuit Judge David Sims are required to appear on docket day beginning at 9 a.m. Jan.19. Those indicted and assigned to Circuit Judge James Mazzone must appear starting at 10 a.m. Jan. 19.