Facebook Threat Leads to Arrest in Ohio County

Threats allegedly made through Facebook became so severe that a Wheeling man took his cellphone to show police.

After investigating, police arrested Gerald William Walton, 43, of 994 Point Run Road, Triadelphia, on misdemeanors listed in the West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act.

Walton’s initial appearance was held Thursday morning before Magistrate Patty Murphy, who set his bail at $2,500 cash or bonding company.

Using the online name of “Budroo Walton,” he allegedly used the Facebook Messenger app, which is a text-messaging feature, as well as telephone calls, to communicate threats to Scott Wheeler, of Wheeling, that include coming to shoot the alleged victim or do acts of bodily harm to him, according to a criminal complaint.

“One of the pictures Mr. Walton sent Mr. Wheeler is that of what appears to be a targeting scope or a rifle scope, claiming them to be cameras on (the alleged victim’s) property,” the complaint states.

Walton allegedly made the threats during three days in January, and his communications alleged that Wheeler and others had harmed a family member of Walton.

Wheeler reported the alleged threats to deputies on Jan. 18, the last day a threat was allegedly made.

Deputies accuse Walton of harassing or abusing another person by computer, mobile phone or other electronic communications devices.

Specifically, it states Walton violated the act by making contact with the person after being requested by the person to stop contacting them; by making contact with another person without disclosing his or her identity with the intent to harass or abuse; threatening to commit a crime against any person or property; or to deliver obscene material after that person askst to stop.