Thefts from Cars in St. Clairsvilee


For the News-Register

Police Chief Jeff Henry said St. Clairsville saw a fresh round of thefts from cars Wednesday evening, noting the vehicles involved were targets of opportunity in unlocked cars.

“They’re not breaking in. The people are gracious enough to leave their cars unlocked and their laptops and credit cards and purses in their car,” Henry said. “This week we had on the south side of town High Street, South Marietta Street, Tennant’s Lane and North Sugar. That was for two days and eight cars there were reported. Then (Wednesday) we had about 15 cars plus one garage that was left open. The people went in the garage, into the open garage and ransacked the car.”

Henry added that it seems to be the same person or people behind the thefts. The criminals move quickly, he said, searching for easily transportable valuables, and have been bold enough to go inside an open garage.

“They’re looking for money, laptops, purses, cellphones, good pairs of sunglasses, good earphones,” he said, adding that valuable belongings have been stolen. “Tell the people: Lock their cars and take their belongings inside the house.”

He added the thefts are not in any one particular area, since Wednesday’s thefts moved to the north side of town.

Anyone with information should contact the police department at 740-695-0123.