Northern Parkway Has A Bumpy Reputation in Wheeling

Photo by Scott McCloskey Drivers slowly navigate through the bumps and cracks of Northern Parkway in Wheeling.


Staff Writer

Wheeling has its own roller coaster — and it’s called the Northern Parkway.

Forget a visit this summer to the region’s amusement parks — thrill-seekers need only take a drive on the uneven, bumpy and at points impassible pavement that links W.Va. 2 and North Park to get their kicks.

Yes, the road’s condition is that bad — and the city of Wheeling says it doesn’t have any money to fix it, even as it commissions traffic studies and purchases vacant lots.

Northern Parkway, which runs between Main Street and Mount Wood Road in Wheeling, contains several large bumps and cracks in the middle of the road. More concerning to area residents, however, is that the pavement appears to be sliding in some areas.

The road was built more than 40 years ago on the side of the old North Park Landfill. It was rebuilt soon after due to issues with the ground moving, according to Wheeling Public Works Director Russell Jebbia.

“It is pretty bad, and it has gotten worse,” Jebbia said. “We are monitoring it, though, and we use it every day.”

The road is the city of Wheeling’s responsibility, and Jebbia said there is no funding currently set aside to make any repairs to Northern Parkway in the near future.

Signs are placed at each end of the road before the bumps begin, and drivers are encouraged to take the bends slowly as moving too quickly could result in damage to one’s vehicle.

For more information regarding Northern Parkway, call Jebbia at the Public Works Department at 304-234-3731.