Moundsville Parks and Rec Board Changes Wouldn’t Impact RV Park Revenue

Moundsville City Manager Deanna Hess said a proposal by city council to relegate the parks and recreation board to an advisory role only wouldn’t impact the distribution of revenue from a city-owned recreational vehicle park under construction.

On Tuesday, council’s policy committee recommended reducing the authority of the parks and recreation board, instead leaving Hess to oversee matters concerning the city’s public spaces. Supporters of the idea said it would make operations more efficient, eliminating the need to wait for both bodies to approve decisions, which often can take a month or more.

Earlier this year, council approved a plan to construct an RV park near Riverfront Park, income from which would go toward parks and recreation to reduce the park system’s burden on the general fund. The first year of the RV park’s operation would see 100 percent of the revenue be devoted to the parks, with the income being split equally between the park system and the general fund in subsequent years.

Hess said reducing the park board’s role would not change the arrangement, as all income from the park will go into the general fund initially before being distributed according to council’s plan.

“It all goes into the general fund, but 50 percent will be entitled to the rec department (after the first year),” Hess said.

The RV park, which broke ground earlier this summer, is projected to be completed before winter. Utilities, such as electricity and water, are slated for installation in the coming weeks.

Regarding the additional workload if council approves reducing the role of the parks and recreation board, Hess said she’s confident in her ability to handle the task.

The full city council is expected to discuss the proposal next month.


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