Glen Dale Caregiver Charged With Forgery in Marshall County

A weeks-long investigation into missing funds reported by concerned family members led to the arrest of an elderly Moundsville man’s caregiver.

In late August, family members of the man reported money missing from a lock box, a child’s desk and piggy bank.

Another $1,500 was reported missing from the man’s bank account.

This continued for a few days before a check for $140 made out to Shea Mercer, 30, of Glen Dale, apparently signed by the alleged victim, was found at the residence, according to a criminal complaint. Mercer had served as the man’s caregiver since April.

Last week, police interviewed Mercer, who allegedly denied handling the lock box, but claimed the man had signed the check and asked her to keep it “just between (them).”

She also claimed the man gave her $70 in cash, but also said he would have been unable to climb the stairs himself to where the checkbook was located, according to the complaint.

Police interviewed the alleged victim the next day.

The man, who investigators said appeared to be mentally fit, denied giving Mercer any money or checks, and noted he is unable to sign documents, including checks, due to poor eyesight, according to the complaint.

Mercer was charged with two counts of forgery and one count of grand larceny, and was released from the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville after posting bond.


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