Man Charged With Threatening Officials

Police said a Moundsville man upset after Child Protective Services removed his children from his care is now charged with threatening the lives of state employees.

On Sept. 8, police were called to the home of James Pasquino, 46, after a neighbor called to report yelling and breaking glass. Following the removal of his daughters from his home by CPS, a division of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Pasquino allegedly told police he was going to get his children back by any means necessary, naming several state employees and threatening to beat and “break (the bones)” of one employee in particular. He also allegedly made threats against other people, including his ex-wife’s boyfriend.

Police said Pasquino threatened to follow DHHR employees home and throw them off a bridge if it meant getting his children back, and that the city of Moundsville would have “hell to pay.”

After some time, Pasquino was convinced to calm down and attempt to mediate the matter through the courts. Police subsequently spoke with DHHR employees, who said Pasquino had also verbally threatened his children.

On Sept. 11, he was charged with making threats of terrorist acts. He remains held at the Northern Regional Jail on $7,500 bond.