Search for Wheeling City Clerk Janice Jones’ Replacement Continues

File Photo Wheeling City Clerk Janice Jones pauses for a photo will working in her office.

Very few people had heard of email, much less Facebook or Twitter, the last time anyone other than Janice Jones served as Wheeling city clerk, so members of council said slightly updating the job description for Jones’ replacement is in order.

Jones plans to retire Jan. 2, which will be more than 23 years after she took the position in September 1994. In Wheeling, the clerk is one of three positions, along with the city manager and finance director, to be directly appointed by the mayor and council. Other employees serve at the discretion of the city manager and/or the department heads the manager appoints.

“We’re still working on the job description for that,” Councilman Dave Palmer said. “It’s a much different world now in terms of computers and technology. We are reviewing the position to see if we need to make some slight changes.”

According to city code, the current job description for the clerk’s position has been in place since 1961. In addition to accurately recording the minutes of city council meetings, the clerk’s duties include doing the same for the Traffic Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, as well as each committee of council: Rules, Public Works, Public Safety, Development, Finance, Health and Recreation, and Promotions and Public Relations. The clerk also is tasked with handling legal ads, while serving as the city’s elections officer during municipal elections.

“I am sure we’ll have a lot of qualified candidates. It is great that Janice gave us so much notice of her retirement,” Palmer said. “I hope to have someone hired no later than the end of October.”

Mayor Glenn Elliott said the city will list the position to collect resumes once the job description is set. He said he would prefer that City Manager Robert Herron and Human Resources Director Teresa Hudrlik then review the resumes and conduct interviews to narrow the field of applicants down to “three or four.”

“In my opinion, it would be nice to hire someone sooner than later,” Councilman Brian Wilson said. “Whoever fills her shoes will have to be able to multitask, while being personable. They will also need to be fluent in technology.”

Vice Mayor Chad Thalman said the job should be posted as available by the end of this week.

“Ideally, we would like to get someone hired to work with Janice so they could learn as much as possible from her,” he said.