Woman Charged With Assault on an Officer in Wheeling

A Wheeling woman was arrested Sunday after she allegedly attacked and attempted to disarm a police officer.

A 911 call at a home on Lane 15 regarding a suicidal female, a domestic situation and disorderly individuals resulted in the arrest of Renay Leeann Tice, 38, according to police.

“The person inside became combative, hit the officer and tried to disarm him, which was unsuccessful,” Wheeling Police Department spokesman Philip Stahl said.

According to Stahl, Tice attempted to disarm Officer Ryan Moore upon his arrival at the East Wheeling residence.

“While dealing with Tice, Officer Moore, while standing on the ground next to the steps, reached in front of Tice so she could not get back into the residence to access means to hurt herself or someone else,” the police report states.

As Moore reached to block Tice from entering the residence, Tice tried to pull Moore’s firearm from his holster, the report stated. The weapon was locked in place and did not come free.

Moore then broke her grip on the weapon, according to the criminal complaint.

As Officer Robert Scott attempted to check Tice for weapons, she kicked him in the leg, the complaint states.

Once Tice was handcuffed inside the police vehicle for transport, she began striking her head against the interior of the vehicle, according to the report.

The report states Tice slipped off her handcuffs, followed by police removing her from the vehicle to place handcuffs and a helmet on her.

At this point, Tice struck Scott in the groin as the officers continued to try and subdue her.

Tice was taken to the Northern Regional Jail, where she remained late Tuesday.


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