YWCA Youth Board Leadership Challenge Wins ‘Show of Hands’ Event in Wheeling

Photo by Scott McCloskey

YWCA Youth Board Leadership Challenge members receive a check for $3,960 after being voted the winner of Wheeling Heritage’s Show of Hands event at the Wheeling Artisan Center Wednesday evening. Accepting the award, from left, are Maryann Lapp, Danielle Coleman, Grace Taylor, Emily Croft, and YWCA Youth Board Member Nicole Billie. Four local entrepreneurs and organizations presented their projects during event, and for the price of admission attendees got to vote for their favorites. YWCA Youth Board Leadership Challenge is a group of girls between the ages of 14-18 who are reaching out to other girls to teach them social responsibility, philanthropy, environmental stewardship and how to prepare for adulthood. To view additional photos, go to theintelligencer.net.